Our People

our people

We are a supportive and professional group, many of us have professional experience in industry working with some of the worlds best and most innovative design studios. Our work primarily deals with empathic design thinking and centres on people-spacesproducts and experiences, we design with sustainability at the centre of our processes.

  • Roy Tam is a multidisciplinary designer he has a background in design, engineering and electronics and his focus is business and and sustainability.
  • Mike Woods is a successful product designer creating ‘Inclusive Design’ scenarios for many clients
  • Pete Davis is interested in ideas of personal identity and social identity how this contributes to place-making, artefact manufacture and design.
  • Jonathan Forster is practice led and he creates a varied portfolio of work for domestic, retail and commercial clients.
  • Polly MacPherson is a maker whose concerns are materiality and processes.
  • Lynne specialises in Design and Business and the new connections these afford to Design Innovation.
  • Tavs is interested in digital fabrication and how this contributes to new tools in design and craft practice
  • Mat Emmett focuses on and evolves perception as a hypothesis to reframe architectural praxis.
  • Roberto Fraquelli has over 20 years of professional practice he has designed products environments and experiences

With thanks to the wonderful Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinear