MA Design is aimed at individuals who wish to develop go-to market design knowledge that has relevance and creativity in business and creative practice. We are keen to attract people from different educational backgrounds to add to the diversity of talents. MA Design is the only course in the UK that allows you to choose from a set of recommended specialist subjects including Product Design, Maker and Materials, Sustainable Futures and Spatial Design.
Plymouth University is ranked as one of the best universities for Art and Design in the UK. It is based in the centre of a new building in a vibrant city in the South West Peninsula of the UK. The only specialist MA Design programme in the South West UK. The national university guide names Plymouth as "the top university for being green…having put sustainability at the heart of its philosophy and actions", highlights its research success, stating that Plymouth is the "most improved university with 80% of its research judged to be of international standard" and praises Plymouth’s multimillion pound investment programme saying that students can "reap the benefits of modern facilities and eye-catching architecture". Evolving MA Design provokes important questions about the role of design in culture and society today, its purpose, its practical value and its effects, stimulating questions about what to design, how to design it and how to market it. Connecting MA Design connects dynamic interaction between many traditions and philosophies of design to help the student understand the nature of designing, sometimes using new technology to facilitate change and create opportunities. Programmes are flexible so that you can study intensively over a 1-year period or choose an intersectional approach to suit a more personalised pathway to postgraduate study over two years.
You will learn hands-on and professional skills applicable for a rewarding career in design, these are tailored to suit your research aspirations.
Subjects are taught by internationally renowned practitioners in a stunning new building, with excellent connection to well resourced workshops with the latest technology and materials.